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In the coming months, we will be posting recipes and how-to videos to help you make simple, delicious and healthy Asian foods at home, starting with a variety of pho and other soups that will warm you throughout winter!

Video:  Making Vegetable Pho with Spice Kitchen’s Frozen Broth


Recipe: Making Your Own Beef Pho Broth with the Pho Seasoning Spice Packet
(For vegetable or chicken broth, substitute the steak with 2-3 cups of your favorite vegetables or half a chicken).

6 cups of water
T-bone steak (about 2 Ibs) cut into halves and keep the bone
Combine water and steak together (including the bone) in medium to large pot
Add 1 tsp of sea salt for flavoring (add more for your own preference)
Cook at high heat and bring to a boil (make sure pot does not boil over)
Reduce to medium to low temperature (but making sure it is simmering)
Use a ladle to skim off the brown meat juice or any fat that you don’t want in the broth. You may have to do this occasionally throughout the cooking process. It is ok if you don’t get all of it.
While pot is simmering, prepare your spices.
Pour spices into a small bowl. Take the label off the cloth bag and wash bag under warm water.
Pour spices into the washed bag and close it by tying the strings at the top tightly.
Add your prepared spice bag into the simmering pot.

Simmer everything together for at least 30 minutes. After you add the spice bag, your pot might stop simmering. Turn up the temperature until it is simmering again. If it is starting to boil, reduce heat again until it is just simmering. For bold flavor, cook longer than 30 minutes.

After at least 30 minutes, use a tong to take out the steak – let it cool – then cut into bite size and save it to add to your pho. Throw away the bone. Your pho beef broth is complete! Pour over your noodles, herbs and condiments. Enjoy!

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