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About Us


Spice Kitchen brings the world’s most loved Asian foods to your kitchen through your neighborhood supermarket.

From recipes such as green papaya salad to tofu and herb salad and hearty beef rice noodle soup (better known as pho), each recipe is authentic and tasty! Our purpose is to partner with local supermarkets to make sure that a wider variety of foods are available to consumers from all backgrounds.

We believe that eating well and choosing global foods shouldn’t require anyone to have to dine out, or drive all around town to find specialty stores. Unfortunately, in today’s current market, that’s what we have to do. At Spice Kitchen, we make it easy because we know what it’s like to feel short on time but still want to be able to enjoy a fresh and tasty meal at home at the end of the day – and to have variety in our daily choices. We also know how difficult it can be to find varied and creative inspirations for a new, authentic dish when specialty and healthy ingredients aren’t always readily where we typically shop.

That’s why we created our Cook-It-Yourself kits!

With our fresh Cook-It-Yourself kits, you don’t need to run from store to store to find each of those specialty ingredients – it’s an easy one-stop shop. Each kit contains all of the necessary ingredients, and easy-to-follow cooking instructions, for some of the most common, nutritious and loved Asian dishes that you can prepare and enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

And there’s more – Our kits are for everyone! Whether you’re trying these foods for the first time, you’re a seasoned and adventurous foodie, or are native to these foods; you’ll learn something new and, without a doubt, impress your dinner guests.

But, what if you can’t cook? No worries! Each kit is easy to use with simple directions. Beginners and seasoned cooks alike will enjoy our ready-to-cook kits. Start where you’re comfortable and then let your creativity loose and experiment from there.

See our Products page to learn more about each of our Cook-It-Yourself food kits. Ask for these products in your local supermarket and take one home today!

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